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Our Program: The 7 Elements of Job Search

We at JS101 believe in a process-driven approach to job searching. Statistically, around 80% of all jobs are found through networking - who you know and who knows you. The more quality people in your network combined with a targeted and strategic approach toward companies you want to work for equals a significant decrease in the time it takes you to find success in your search. 

It all comes down to becoming a known candidate for an unposted position.


Image © WavebreakMediaMicro

Image © WavebreakMediaMicro

Element 1: Understand the Modern Job Search – Know the Basics

The first element in the job search process begins with deepening your understanding of modern job search and how it has changed over the past 5-10 years.

  • How Job Search Has Changed

  • Principles of the Modern Job Search

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers

  • Myths and Truths of Modern Job Search

  • Mistakes Often Made by Job Seekers

  • Facts and Figures You Should Know

  • Typical Barriers in Job Search

  • How Hiring Really Happens

Image © Natalie Board

Image © Natalie Board

Element 2: Personalize Your Plan – Own It and Execute It

The second element dives deeper into the planning process so you can develop a solid strategy that works for you.

  • Face Reality; Get A Job Search Mindset

  • Use Job Search as a Time for Self-Assessment and Self-Improvement

  • Get Educated and Informed Before Starting

  • Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Determine a Direction

  • Maintain Motivation and Momentum

Image © .shock

Image © .shock

Element 3: Develop Your Tools – Create a Solid Foundation

Now it's time to create a solid foundation for your search and have your tools ready.

  • Order Business Cards

  • Update Your Resume

  • Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Make Referral Request Postcards

Image © sanmartial

Image © sanmartial

Element 4: Get the Word Out –Build and Maintain Awareness

Rehearse your Core Message and announce you’re in job search.

  • Develop Your Core Message

  • Identify / Expand Your Network

  • Send AIR Emails / Post Social Media Messages

Image ©

Image ©

Element 5: Market Yourself – Get the Interview

This is the key to success and the JS101 motto: Become a Known Candidate to Decision Makers with unposted openings in the Hidden Market.

  • Make a Target Company List

  • Identify Target Company Contacts

  • Become a Known Candidate

  • Activate Supporting Activities

  • Submit Quality Marketing Campaigns

  • Add Secondary Marketing Campaigns

  • Track Your Activity

  • Assess, Evaluate, and Adjust

Image © Chaay_tee

Image © Chaay_tee

Element 6: Ace the Interview – Sell Yourself

Preparation and research are key.

  • Prepare for Different Types of Interviews

  • Know How to Answer Interview Questions

  • Evaluating and Improving Your Interview Performance

  • Following Up After an Interview

Image © FotolEdhar

Image © FotolEdhar

Element 7: Receive an Offer – Assess, Analyze, Start, and Prepare

After all your hard work, you land the job! But your efforts shouldn't end there. Gone are the days where you find a reputable company with a secure job and stay there until retirement. Chances are very good that you will be in a job search again in the not-so-distant years to come. Prepare now, network, and always be as ready as you can to hit the ground running in your next job search!

  • Decide What Is Important

  • Negotiate the Terms

  • Start Quickly and Proactively

  • Always Be Looking

Image © V&P Photo Studio

Image © V&P Photo Studio

Job Search Classes & Special Topics

In addition to our JS101 Action Plan, we offer a variety of other job search classes include:


  • Creating Your Resume Brand

  • Selling Yourself for the Job

  • Are You a Fit?


  • Getting the Offer

  • Are You Ready?

  • Honing Your Skills


  • Profiles

  • Connections

  • For the Job Seeker

+ Special Topic Fridays!