Why Networking & LinkedIn Are Critical to Your Success

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Image © .shock

By Stephanie Elaine Cavanaugh

In working with job seekers, we hear time and time again the frustrated, “I submit my resume each week to hundreds of online job postings and never hear anything back!” scenario. Therein lies the problem. Spending your day at the computer sending your resume to online job board postings is the worst way to go about your job search. There are two issues with this. First, the online job board and second, the resume.

Online Job Boards: Did you know that 80% of all jobs are never even posted? The majority of jobs are “hidden” and are gotten through networking. By the time a job opening makes it to a job board, the employer has exhausted all other options and known candidates. Because hiring it time consuming and expensive, employers want to find quality employees that will be a good fit and who will stay for the long-run. High turnover is costly and exhausting. Employers would much rather hire someone they know and trust or someone recommended by someone they know and trust. Once it hits the internet, you’re competing against hundreds and sometimes thousands of other candidates. You’re also competing against computer algorithms and keyword scans. In short, if 20% or less of jobs are gotten through online postings, you should only be allocating 20% or less of your time toward this strategy!

So, what do you do with the remaining 80% of your day? Networking! Networking! Your goal should be to become a known candidate for an unposted job.

The Resume: In today’s digital age, the resume is old and outdated. LinkedIn is the new trend and if you’re not using it, and to its full potential, you’ll be left in the dust. LinkedIn is so popular and powerful, it is thought to one day, in the not-so-distant future, replace the resume all together. Not only that, but LinkedIn holds a wealth of networking potential, research capabilities, learning opportunities, as well as job postings. Microsoft is in the midst of launching their Resume Assistant, which will link Microsoft Word with LinkedIn to help you build your resume based on your LinkedIn, rather than the building your LinkedIn from your resume of days gone by. The days of the resume being the most important job search tool are gone. Now are the days of LinkedIn.


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