Job Boards: 5 Things You Should Know in 2019


Job Boards: 5 Things You Should Know in 2019

Spoiler Alert: Jobs Boards Are Black Holes

By Stephanie Elaine Cavanaugh on January 24, 2019   

At JS101, we hear a recurring complaint over and over… and over. It goes something like this: “I’m so busy with my job search. I spend 6 hours every day applying to jobs. I’ve applied to hundreds now. But for the most part, I just hear crickets. I feel so stuck and I don’t know what to do.” So let’s dive into the world of job boards for a moment. Here are 5 things you should know.

  1. The days of updating your resume, applying, waiting for the call for an interview, and getting the job offer are GONE. Sure, you can try that route, but you’ll likely be waiting for that call for a loooong time… summon the crickets.

  2. Online job postings whether via a job board, aggregator, or company website, (anything in which a job is publicly posted, including old school printed newspapers) are no longer managed by humans. ATS (applicant tracking systems) now run the show. That means that your resume is unlikely to ever even be seen by a real person.

  3. Of all online job postings, approximately 30% are fake! Sometimes companies post fake jobs to look good to their competition, sometimes they just want to collect resumes or test responses, sometimes they’ve already chosen the person to fill the position but still have to post it for formality.

  4. Posting a job to the masses is the LAST thing an employer wants to do. First, they exhaust all other avenues. Employers want to minimize risk because a bad hire is costly. They’ll look internally, they’ll look at their network, they’ll ask employees for referrals, they’ll hire a recruiter. Anyone internal,  anyone they know, or anyone who is recommended by someone they know, poses less risk than a stranger off the internet. This means the bulk of available jobs never even reach the job boards.

  5. If you decide to apply to postings anyway, you need to tailor your resume to EACH specific position and match keywords from the job description in your resume. This may help you get past the computer system and into the hands of a human, but there’s no guarantee. If you don’t tailor your resume to each individual position, you’re wasting your time.

Only about 20% of jobs are found on job boards. Rates of success from applying to online postings are typically less than 5%. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t apply online at all. But budget your time accordingly. Being busy does not equal being productive. Expand and nurture your network… that’s where the jobs are!

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